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When replacing teeth, dentures are by far the most common and well-loved method of doing so. Dentists have been using this technology to replace teeth for centuries. Today’s dentures are nothing like the previous iterations. The dentures today, look, feel and act like the natural teeth that they are replacing. We build dentures for comfort and esthetic appearance. There are three fundamental types of dentures that are available.

Steps For Getting Dentures Los Angeles, CA 90061 – (855) 916-4215

Pre-denture healthy visit: The first visit will be to make sure that the gums and soft tissue are healthy and ready for the new teeth. To do this, we will give the patient a complete examination, which will include X-rays.

Denture length and plane adjustment: The second visit is when we decide the length of the new teeth based on the patient’s mouth. In order for the denture to be an ideal fit, we will have to make sure that there is a correct alignment between the upper and lower teeth.

Denture wax try-in: During the third visit, we will replace the loose tray with the actual final plastic teeth. The final set will look and feel exactly like a denture, with the exception that the base fits loosely on the gums and the teeth themselves are in wax instead of the final plastic.

Getting used to your new dentures Los Angeles, CA – (855) 916-4215

Making the transition to dentures may take some time but with time, proper care, and regular adjustments, your dentures will soon feel more natural. Your Office will help you determine what denture products are best for you and show you how to properly care for your dentures and mouth at home.

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